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THE ULTIMATE QUESTION: If my unit is defective what do I do?

Answer: Make sure your product is registered then contact Technical Support at 888-849-0846, if the problem cannot be resolved, instructions as well as a Return Authorization will be issued for your defective product. No product will be accepted without prior authorization.

1. I have questions regarding how to use my product. Who should I contact?

Please contact our customer service team at (866)935-4396 or visit us online at Please note: Our hours of operation are Monday - Friday 8 am to 5 pm PST (Pacific Standard Time). If you are contacting Eviant Support after hours, you will be asked to leave a message containing your contact information and the nature of the phone call (product number, question/problem incurred, etc). All return phone calls will be made within 24 business hours ,unless the call is received during the weekend which would result in the call being returned the following Monday.

2. My TV may be defective, what should I do?

First, make sure your product is registered. Second, contact Technical Support at (866)935-4396. The product will be determined to be defective by walking through the basic operating procedures and attempting to troubleshoot the problem.

A few examples are: The power light is not showing on unit when connected to AC power adaptor, unable to obtain a signal, questions regarding on how to scan for available stations and basic set up procedures.

If the problem cannot be resolved, please refer to the below warranty option:
If the product is determined to be defective, instructions on returning the defective product and a Return Authorization number will be issued. Instructions will be sent to the customer verbally and via email (with a shipping label) explaining the process to return the product to Eviant for an exchange. Please note that no product will be accepted without prior authorization. You will then need to print out 2 copies of the return shipping label. One must be attached to outside of the package and a copy must be put inside of the package. The RA# must be listed on the return package. Once your defective product is received, we will repair or replace it with reconditioned product (at the Company’s option) within 14 business days.

3. One of the parts for my TV is broken. How can I get a replacement part?

For any customer that needs to order parts which are covered under warranty, you may contact Eviant customer service at (866)935-4396 (8am to 5pm M-F PST excluding weekends and holidays). Please make sure you register your product prior to calling. For any parts needed outside of warranty, please visit and order directly from our website.

4. What is DTV?

Digital television (DTV) is an advanced and innovative type of over-the-air broadcasting technology that enables TV stations to provide dramatically clearer pictures and better sound quality.

5. Are EVIANT products ready for digital broadcasting?

Yes, EVIANT products have a built-in digital tuner and are DTV ready.

6. Where can I find out the DTV program listings for my location?

Please contact your local TV stations or go to the website for more information.

7. Why do I have poor reception with DTV?

Reception can be affected by terrain, trees, buildings, weather, damaged equipment and location. Please Note: Reception on your portable TV may be dependent upon the antenna's signal strength in your area. Check your signal strength at If you have a weak signal, you may need to purchase a stronger antenna for usage with a Digital TV.

8. I followed all of the instructions to do an auto scan, but I only receive a NO SIGNAL prompt on the screen. What am I doing wrong?

Please read the following instructions on how to properly activate the "auto scan" so that your Eviant TV may locate a Digital Signal. Please Note: Your Portable TV comes with a built-in lithium ion rechargeable battery. Charge the battery fully before first initial use. Charging time is normally 3 hours. A fully charged battery delivers approximately 2.5 hours of use. Press the MENU button once to enter the Setup menu, then Press the ◄ (Vol- button) or ► (Vol+ button) to select the Satellite icon (for the T4 model it will say "Auto Search" with no icon), then press the ▲ (CH+) or ▼ (CH-) button to select items in the menu. Press the ▲ (CH+) or ▼ (CH-) button to select "Auto Scan" and press the ► (Vol+ button) button to select "Start to Scan", then press the ► (Vol+ button) button again to start scanning. After scanning, the unit will automatically memorize the programs searched in sequence and tune the first searched channel. During scanning, you may be able to press the MENU button to cancel and exit.

If the TV gets few or no channels, try to relocate the TV. Make sure that the TV is on a sturdy surface and preferably near a window for better reception. Note: This problem may not be with the TV; signal strength can be affected by location, terrain, trees, buildings, the weather and damaged equipment. If the TV still says "no signal" you may contact our Tech Support line at (866)935-4396 to try to troubleshoot the problem. Please make sure you register your product prior to contacting Customer Service.

9. How can I improve my DTV signal strength

Changing the location of the antenna you are using now, moving your antenna away from other objects and structures, or placing it higher can often improve reception. You may also utilize the external antenna that is located in your package.

10. What should I do if I am still having trouble receiving a broadcast?

Please follow these steps: Check your connection, adjust the angle of your antenna or use the additional external antenna in your package and perform a channel scan again. The available channels and signal strength will vary by your location. Please note: You will need to perform a channel scan when traveling with your TV.

11. Can I watch DTV while in motion?

No, DTV does not work in a car or automobile. Please place your DTV on a stationary surface only. Your portable TV and the broadcast that it is designed to pick up require that your Portable TV be stationary in order to have reception. Your portable TV is not designed for nor will have proper reception if in motion. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR PORTABLE TV IS STATIONARY DURING USE.

12. My TV is starting to get warm, is there something wrong with it?

Your TV is a small electronic device, and it has a limit for heat radiation. There is nothing to worry about if it gets a little warm. But, we suggest not using it continuously, avoiding direct sunlight, and keeping away from other heat sources.

13. I took my TV on a trip and I’m not getting any channels. Why?

When traveling to another city or state, the Eviant TV will still work. You will need to auto scan the TV again to program in the local channels for the area that you are in. The available channels and signal strength will vary depending upon your location.

14. Why on some channels does the TV program not fill the whole screen, and can I change this?

This is not a problem with the TV. With some TV stations this is the only way that programs are able to be broadcasted digitally.

15. Why don't I have the option to auto scan on my menu screen?

In the menu under the TV icon you will need to make sure that the "source" is set to "TV". The way you do this is to press the menu button, then press CH- button, and then a green line will circle around "source". Then press the right arrow (>) button to enter the source option. After that use the CH- button to change AV to TV and make sure that "TV" is highlighted in green. If done correctly the satellite dish icon will appear, and from there you may proceed with the auto scan option.

16. Can I connect the T7 TV to a DVD Player?

The T7 TV does have the ability to connect to a DVD player. Connect the black and yellow plugs from the AV cable that comes with the T7 TV to the T7 audio and video jacks. The Audio and Video jacks are located on the right side of the T7 TV. The black plug connects to the "Audio" jack and the yellow plug connects to the "Video" jack.

On the other end of the AV cable there are the three (3) plugs, yellow, white and red; these connect to the jacks on your DVD player (connect the color of the plugs with the same color of the jacks). After doing this, turn on the T7 TV, press the "menu" button, then go to the TV icon (the first icon on the menu) and press the "CH-" button (down arrow button) and highlight "source". Press the right arrow (>) button to enter the source option; after that use the CH- button to change TV to AV and make sure that "TV" is highlighted in green. Now you will be able to turn on the DVD player and play your DVD movie. If the T7 TV does not show anything; contact our Tech Support line at (866)935-4396 to try to troubleshoot the problem. Please make sure you register your product prior to contacting Customer Service.

17. How long does the battery take to be fully charged?

It takes three (3) to four (4) hours to fully charge the battery.

18. How long does the battery last when fully charged?

On a full charge, the battery will last for approximately two (2) to two and a half hours (2 1/2).

19. Can I leave the TV plugged into the AC adaptor (power cord for the house) all day and night?

If AC adaptor is continuously used all day and/or overnight, it will shorten the life time of the parts. Also, under the following circumstances: unstable voltage, heavy humidity or improper operation, some parts may break down.

20. Can a battery be replaced once it no longer holds a charge?

No it cannot be replaced as it is an internal battery.

21. Can I change the time setting from military time to regular time?

The only available time option is military time.


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