Recycling Guide

About Recycling Your Product

We provide three simple steps to recycle your Eviant brand products, please click here for more details. If you still have any questions regarding our recycling program, please give us a call at 1-866-935-4396

Program Coverage:

Products covered by Eviant Recycling Program include following:

  1. 4.3" LCD TV Set
  2. 7" LCD TV Set
  3. Accessories associated with above products

Consumer may mail the old product via USPS. There is no fee to consumers for the covered Eviant Brand products. Following just three simple steps will enable you to recycle your products within seconds:

1. Print label     2. Pack your product     3. Drop off to USPS.

Click Here to recycle your product now

Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. Can I use other carrier to ship back the old electronic products?

    Yes, you are welcome to use shippers other than USPS, however, we only offer free USPS shipping label for our covered products.

  2. What should I do before I ship back the old products?

    When sending back your old devices, please be sure to follow these simple instructions:
    • Place your device in the package that will hold up during the postal processing.
    • Print the postage paid label, and securely adhere it to the package.
    • Drop the package in post office and we will pay the postage.

  3. What happens to my old products after it got recycled?

    We will collect the Eviant Brand products and send them the recycling centers for further processing, break the product down into saleable commodities, such as plastic, metals, The commodities will be further processed by down stream factory into reusable forms and new products will be made from the recycled materials.

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